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From Mark Santangelo, President

Please know... The Dino J. Santangelo Agency is committed to Equality and Inclusion, For every American and Citizen of our World.  Our core values as a company have remained the same since our founding in 1955 and will never change.  We believe that Truth, Empathy, Compassion and Integrity start with every individual, and we will always remain dedicated to the cause of Human Rights, both here in the USA and around the world.


Now is the time for renewed imagination!  Right now we're working to connect people in new ways, harnessing social media and web resources to keep you connected! The power of people, together, is not to be denied and will never be diminished by the trials we face!  Here, at The Dino J. Santangelo Agency, we promise to help you realize your event vision. To always bring fresh radiant ideas to the table. Smart solutions, designed to both enchant and entertain, enlighten and empower! Our goal is to connect you to the power of people, and KEEP you connected!

I've assembled the greatest staff in our 50+ year history to meet your needs but each and every project undertaken by the DJSA receives my personal attention. The DJSA has rapidly become a full service multimedia powerhouse. We can confidently address every aspect of concert and event production while integrating cross platform brand advertising and multimedia association for our digital age. Film & video, post production, graphic design, technical production, venue selection, talent requirements and social multimedia are just a few of the areas we unify to bring you incredible cost effective events and programs that will always meet and exceed your expectations.

Since 1957, one thing here at The DJSA has never changed... From the largest festival to the smallest party, we give you our commitment to always faithfully represent your best interests, helping you to create astounding, financially viable, turn-key and worry free events! I'm happy to meet with you at any time to discuss how The Dino J. Santangelo Agency can be of service to You!


Innovation, Since 1955

Dino J. Santangelo was a true pioneer of both advertising and events.  Father of musical corporate sponsorship, inventor of the stadium concert concept and tireless proponent of civil rights, Dino's legacy can be seen everywhere!  Beloved by those who had the honor to work with him, Dino upheld the highest standards of honesty and integrity, creating groundbreaking events!  From the early days of the French Lick Jazz Festival through the national KOOL Festival stadium series and a host of other projects, Dino's vision never faltered. Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis are only a few of the thousands of performances the early DJSA produced to the delight of audiences.  The complete archive of Dino's accomplishments would be far too long to list here but you won't have to look too far to find many resources that reference Dino J. Santangelo.  His impact on not only the music business but advertising and public relations is truly legendary.  Dino's friend and partner, George Wein devoted a chapter in his memoir "My Life Among Others" to his association with Dino and Miles Davis was quoted as saying "Dino was one of the few white men I ever liked".  Everything we do here at the DJSA reflects this humble man's vision, determination and love!  Sadly, Dino was called home far too early in 1986 at the age of 52.

ABOUT mark santangelo

Proof the Apple Falls Close to the Tree

Without doubt, the driving force behind todays DJSA is Mark Santangelo.  Dino's eldest son, Mark was involved with the DJSA's projects since he was old enough to stuff envelopes and lick stamps.  Mark spent many years working with his father and, although he was somewhat the rebel, inherited the integrity, philosophy and business ethic of Dino J. Santangelo.  Mark was gifted with the ability to lead and utilizes that skill to the benefit of every client of the DJSA.  His advanced artistic vision and ability to think outside the box to delineate effective programs are the cornerstone of every project the DJSA undertakes.  Mr. Santangelo's ability to clearly focus on the big picture serves to unite not only those of us here at the DJSA but your staff, supporters and grassroots patrons alike.   One of the most powerful speakers on the planet, Mark's passion is instantly recognizeable and undeniable.  If you are lucky enough to retain Mark's services as spokesperson for your company, product or brand, please sit back and be prepared for amazing results!  Mark's unique ability to unifiy and connect people is truly best described as a force of nature.  Neurotically unselfish, Mark never asks anything of his staff he is not prepared to accomplish himself.  When you sit down with Mark, please remind him that all of us here at the DJSA are aware of this fact!

Venue/Talent Selection

Whatever the circumstances, The Dino J. Santangelo Agency is here to help make your perfect venue & talent selections. Undoubtably, choice of venue is critical in the presentation of successful events. From outdoor festivals to weddings, we can help you secure the ideal venue! When it comes to talent acquisition, you'll be hard pressed to find a agency more in-tune to your target audience, or one that can as effectively negotiate in your best interest!  From the largest touring headliners to the finest local talent, regardless of genre, our connections work for you!


We were born on the stage!  Trust The Dino J. Santangelo Agency to take care of all your technical direction. From staging, sound & lighting, video, staffing and stage management to site and safety concerns. We look at every factor in the equation to bring you the highest level of production in the industry! We offer comprehensive A/V for our clients, assemble assets and bring the awesomeness!  We're with you every step of the way to develop a budget, and, ultimately provide you with highly impactful cost effective solutions!  The DJSA has a 50+ year history of flawless technical production from stadiums to streets worldwide!


Conceptual sinage and multimedia presentations are absolutely critical for favorable retention of your event! Both large and small events alike can benefit from intelligent graphic design implemented to provide maximum impact. Site specific sinage and fully-functioned interactive social multimedia are just a few of the ways we reach out to the people! From massive video walls to conference rooms, your event depends on great graphics and flawless execution of presentations.  Please take a look at how the DJSA can help connect your company  

Photography & video

Who knew that Kristina Santangelo would grow into a world class photographer? ;-)  Mark's wife now leads KSP, her own independent agency affiliated with the DJSA. Committed to the capture of your event, KSP applies classic principals and cutting edge techniques to present you in the best possible light. Although Kristina oversees each event personally, she manages a crew of 5 photographers and videographers dedicated to providing you the ultimate visual experience!  Client representation via streaming video and a multitude of social media are Kristina's forte!  It's time to go LIVE!


Are you looking for the ultimate Spokesperson for your company, product or brand? Someone who pays attention to your details, with the experience to confidently manage any content?  Someone who can inspire people?  A visionary leader that touches both mind and heart?  You are most certainly in the right place here... Mark Santangelo is that person.   One of the baddest motivators on the planet, Mark's innate ability to instantly connect people is unbelieveable!  Sit down once with Mr. Santangelo and you'll completely understand why we are so proud of our very own rockstar here at the DJSA.


Although not originally a recording oriented company, Mark's expertise in this area came into play when he assumed the Presidency of the DJSA in 1987. Today, we can't think of a time when album and video projects weren't a part of our work. When audio & video were not integrated into every campaign. But, believe it or not, there was a time before digital technology. Although masterful with multimedia digital technology for audio, video and the web, Mark is a proud proponent of analog audio and has Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered literally thousands of records around the world.

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