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Wedding Services

The DJSA offers complete wedding services designed with Bride's & Grooms in mind!

We're truly looking forward to partying with you on your special day.  If you've had to postpone your day our heart is with you and our commitment to you has never been greater!  Need to "livestream" your day?  We got it.  Share with remote friends?  No problem.  It has never been more important for us to be adaptable to your needs and provide you smart solutions.  Solutions that keep you connected and make your Wedding Day more special than ever!

Any of our services listed below are being realized in new ways right now!  We would love to hear from you at any time!  For 2KDJ, email... - For KSP, email...


The coordination of your wedding day has never been easier... Or more cost effective!  The DJSA offers comprehensive services to bring your dream wedding day to life!  From the acclaimed DJ/MC services of 2KDJ Mark Santangelo to "world class" KSP photography, video and our acclaimed photobooth, to our amazing NUMEDIA package, you can trust the DJSA to carefully preserve your vision and exceed your expectations!  We pay attention to the details and provide turn-key technical services that set the standard of the wedding industry!

All of our offered services are structured to provide you with the highest degree of personal service and prove that you don't have to be limited by cost or time restrictions, allowing you to truly enjoy the most special day of your lives!  Take a look at what we offer and please take a moment to browse our galleries of photography and video!  With over 1,500+ weddings performed in the Cincinnati area since 2003, our best recommendations come from our clients!  At the bottom of this page, please take a look at what they have to say!

Highlights of our Wedding Services

  • We never structure our services to restrict your timeline!  All of our offered services are completely free of the standard "hourly packages" offered by so many in the wedding industry.  When you book with the DJSA, your hours of operation are unlimited!

  • We meet with you well in advance to take a close look at all the details of your day!  From music playlists to photo timelines to your order of events we'll structure every aspect of your day to meet your exact requirements!

  • You own all media outright!  We don't quite understand how it's possible for you to bear additional charges for captured media associated with your wedding day...  When you book with the DJSA you own every photo or video clip from your day with no exceptions!

  • The Best Part!  When you book our premiere suite of wedding services including DJ/MC, Photography, Videography and Photobooth, or book our NUMEDIA package, be prepared to save thousands of dollars compared to booking these services separately through individual vendors.  Our comprehensive technical package's provides everything you need to fully capture and preserve your wedding day without the hassle of coordinating multiple outside vendors! We provide the most cost-effective wedding day solutions without breaking the bank!

  • We are happy to structure a wedding day technical package that provides an "exact fit" for your needs and desires!  All of our services are offered independently or, bundled together to save you money! 


Far more than your average DJ, Mark Santangelo (2KDJ) brings weddings to life with personal attention to detail and a classy cool vibe designed with you in mind!  With 30+ years of entertainment experience, Mark provides everything you need to bring the party and keep your dance floor bumpin! Custom music playlists for every wedding truly reflect who you are!  State of the art sound, lighting and virtually every aspect of your day are addressed by Mark personally!  If you are looking for one of the finest wedding DJ/MC's in the nation, please look no further and give a call or email!  Check out 2KDJ on The Knot and please read our reviews!  Here...


If you're looking for the absolute finest in wedding photography, beautiful compositions and amazing artistic compiliation, look no further than KSP!


Our pacakages includes 2 Photographers with unrestricted hours to comprehensively capture every aspect of your day! Kristina Santangelo does every event personally and works with your girls from 10am until conclusion. Kristina's 2nd photographer works with your guys and begins when they start to get ready. Both photographers capture formal pics, ceremony, re-introduction, toasts, cake, first and family dances, bouquet & garter, anniversary dance and all other "must have" moments. We realize just how important it is to capture every detail of your ceremony and reception and our typical shoot captures approx. 1500 - 2500 images. You own all media shot during your day outright with no exceptions.


All media is compiled onto flash drives as large format .jpeg’s and presented to you. Typically, and depending on your date, your images are ready for you within 60 days of your date! Kristina also prepares a timeline for your photography in advance of your day which outlines all your chosen locations and assures you have plenty of time to capture everything you desire without rushing! Your engagement photos are included in this package as well and Kristina schedules this shoot in advance at your convenience! Every Bride has unique looks and shots she desires and Kristina pays special attention to your Pinterest or other image site to make sure she captures these special shots for you. Kris will also send you her basic “shot list” in advance which is a great starting point for your wedding photography!  Please check out Kristina on The Knot and read her reviews!  Here...

TECH NOTE - Kristina shoots with Canon 5D MKIII, 7D MKIII & SONY a7III


Photographs are an essential part of your wedding day but nothing compares to our video service, providing a complete "time capsule" of your wedding which allows you to re-live this special day for years to come! Church weddings are captured using 3 cameras, Typically, the balcony, aisle and handheld camera. Our video service includes… Professional capture of your day, start to finish with dedicated audio feed from our sound system. For Weddings, chapters typically include... VIP, Photoshoots, Ceremony, Re-Introduction, Toasts, First Dances, Cake, Bouquet, Garter, Anniversary Dance, Dollar Dance, Photobooth & Personal Comments from your entire Bridal Party. We shoot in the HD 1080p format. Our videographer arrives before your photoshoots begin and also captures approx. 45min of B-roll footage, (Guests, room layout, VIP area, bridal party and your formal photoshoot). You receive a flash drive with HD 720p files within 8-10 weeks of your capture.  Typical content is approx. 2-3 hours of footage from your day! To view/download some typical video "chapters", click here


Our Photobooth is designed with your guests in mind! Far from a cramped 2-3 person booth, we shoot in the "step and repeat" format that you see at film premieres and red carpet events! We use a 12'w x 8'h white linen backdrop that allows guests to pose in groups of up to 16!


Professional umbrellas provide fill light to capture truly stunning stop motion and unparalleled resolution. We provide unlimited full color prints in the 4"x6" glossy format for your guests! Photo's are branded with your name and date. At the end of the evening, you receive a DVD with every picture taken at the photobooth! The photobooth begins and ends at your request.


We also supply a full selection of props for the use of your guests!


An alternative solution to traditional photography!  Great Photography & Video are essential to your day!  In our modern age, we have incredible flexibility to both capture and share our special moments with the world!  Social media has become a integral part of our lives!  And, the quality of both mobile photography and video has advanced to the point where you can achieve absolutely stunning results!  There are so many advantages here it’s hard to fathom!  Please give your consideration to our custom designed NUMEDIA package!  We'll meet with you well in advance to cover all the bases for an incredible social media event!

We Know Social Media!  No matter your platform of choice, we integrate everything!  Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest and any and all  we may have forgotten here... Whew!

We create an innovative “Capture & Networking” plan for your wedding!  Let us sweat the hashtags, posts and uploads! We'll administer all your social media sites and shares!  Want to live stream your day?  No problem.  Share snaps/clips/photos with an exclusive group of friends?  Done!  


We use the iPhone 12 exclusively!  2 Photographer/Videographer’s are assigned to stay with you for your entire day from start to finish!  They (and you) share a cloud-based folder to which all your photos and video are saved.  We shoot HD 1080p video and large .jpeg files!


Our media experts are also the hippest kids on the planet!  Super unobtrusive and laid back, they can go virtually anywhere with minimal distraction!  Best of all, our peeps are truly personable and fun… They truly know how to get the best from your bridal party, family & guests!  Very far from the stuffy photographer and bags full of gear, you’ll meet with our team for your wedding in advance and see for yourself just how our media guru's will bring the party to your photo’s and video! Taking what was once one of the harder parts of your day and making it a blast!


Instant Gratification!  Everything we do is uploaded immediately for you to view and share!  Gone is the 45-60 day wait to see your wedding media!  You’ll be watching and reviewing everything on your honeymoon! 

Some Recent Comments...

Hi, Mark,

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the wedding and the party on Saturday evening! You were such a big help to us with the preparations, rehearsal, and making sure that all went well throughout the wedding and the reception. 

We were so happy to have someone who appreciated and embraced Bryan and Katie's music selections! Often the focus is mostly on the bride, but in this case, you helped to make the day special for Bryan by including his favorite music, which is very important to us and to him. Your excitement and joyful attention was contagious!

We cannot begin to say how wonderful the evening was and we will always have very precious memories of the day and of our interactions with you! To call you a "DJ" is really an insult and I consider you the "Maestro of the Evening!"

We absolutely loved working with Kristina on our wedding day! She does excellent work, as we were very happy with how our pictures turned out from our wedding. Kristina did our engagement pictures as well. We enjoyed getting to know her during this session, so we were more familiar with her for wedding photos. We would highly recommend her, as she makes the day fun and stress free. She has lots of ideas and gets the photos back to you in a very prompt manner. We have so many photos that we love that we have to narrow it down to decide which ones to frame in our home! We can’t say enough about how amazing and talented Kristina is when it comes to photography!

Mark Santangelo is by far the most talented DJ I have ever seen at a wedding. He kept the dance floor packed the entire night and really kept the party going!

Mark was the perfect DJ. He picks music that has your guests on the dance floor all night long. He did the lighting and also helped plan different parts of the reception. Kristina does amazing photography work. We couldn't be more pleased with how the images turned out from our big day!

We could not have been happier with Kristina and her crew! Kristina made us extremely comfortable and she was easy to work with. The photos she took were amazing and she truly captured our entire day from beginning to end. We couldn’t have asked for a better person and crew to be with us on our wedding day. The memories they helped capture will be cherished forever and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Kristina did a fantastic job with both our engagement and wedding photos. Post wedding, she literally gives you EVERYTHING she shot along with a collection of edited images. In the end, we have 1,600+ photos and 200+ edited images - so much more than we could have ever expected! Going through them, you realize she literally captures your entire day. Leading up to the wedding, she was super easy to reach and was great about capturing every "special" shot we requested. My husband and I highly recommend her!

Mark (the DJ) was just fantastic. He kept the energy up the whole night!

Kristina and her assistant did a FABULOUS job with our wedding photos! They were easy to work with and were there for everything. We received a TON of amazing photos that we love!

Our DJ was one of the highlights though! Mark is so amazing that I recommend that you just go with him. He can do whatever style music you and your guess like, he takes song requests, and has great ideas for games and stuff (if that's what you like). He really made our night! We also had a photo booth which was a lot of fun. They had plenty of props and the pictures had our names and wedding date on them.

Mark, the DJ, coordinates the entire night and is so awesome!!! Our guests loved the music and the dance floor was full always! He made the night flow exactly how we wanted it!!

Mark Santangelo, was AMAZING! You can tell how much he loves his job as he puts all of energy and love into making your day perfect. He helped us organize our wedding timeline and had the perfect musical touch. We provided him a list of songs we wanted to hear and he did a great job of using that list as a guide in creating a great time for all of our guests! His experience and passion for wanting your day to be your dream day makes such a huge difference! As if his job wasn't done perfectly enough, he offered to drive us to our hotel after dancing into the wee hours of the morning!

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